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Fiber Optic Submarine Cable Jointing & Wet Connects - Below you will find a global directory of fiber-optic & electrical jointing and wet connect manufacturers and services for the submarine cable & offshore industries.

Fiber Optic Cable Jointing & Wet Connect Directory

Company: Fujikura
About: Fujikura splicers are the most widely used in the world, and known for their performance, productivity and reliability.

Company: ODI (Teledyne ODI)
Headquarters: USA
About: Teledyne ODI is the world leader in subsea electrical and fiber optic interconnect systems for offshore oil and gas, defense, oceanographic and telecommunication applications. As a technology focused provider of innovative engineered solutions, Teledyne ODI employs skilled staff, utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and processes to design and  manufacture a broad range of products for harsh environment system interconnectivity.

Company: Qingdao E-jiaxun optical and electrical info co.,ltd
About: An experienced and professional supplier from 1997,we are dedicated to provide with telecommunication companies and clients with durable,reliable and accurate testing and splicing equipment. Our product line covers fiber optical and electrical testing tools like OTDR, optical power meter and light source,and fiber fusion splicer as our hot product at the same time.

Company: UJC (Universal Jointing Consortium)
Headquarters: France
About: The Universal Joint (UJ) is allowing manufacturers and cable owners alike, the freedom to install and purchase various underwater telecommunications cable types from different suppliers for the construction and maintenance of their networks. The standard UJ joint offers cable-specific components designed to fit together with a set of common piece parts using common tools for assembly.

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