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Telecom & Offshore Employment / Jobs - Below you will find a global directory of employment agencies that specialize in the Submarine Cable, Telecommunication, Subsea and Offshore Service industry jobs.

Submarine Cable, Telecom & Offshore Employment / Job Directory

Company: Competitive Telecoms Group
Headquarters: USA
About: To assist existing and emerging telecom companies in creating sustainable competitive advantage in their markets, by developing unique strategies and providing the executives who can execute against these initiatives.

Company: Nordic Offshore
Headquarters: Denmark
About: Nordic Offshore Marine specializes in providing qualified and experienced manpower and project management/assistance to leading international maritime and offshore companies. We have a long track record in the submarine cable industry as well as the offshore windfarm industry. Nordic Offshore Marine – worldwide maritime expertise – the clever connection.

Company: Offshore Australia
Started in 2005, Offshore Australia is the result of 20 years Offshore Oil & Gas. Our team has firsthand experience in each of the segments in O&G and we understand what it takes to have a fun stint offshore. We were offshore, loved the thrill of big toys and wild weather but missed our families too much. We are now in the business of finding you good jobs, nice vessels, interesting projects and a great career progression either here or overseas.


Company: Offshore Marine Management
Headquarters: United Kingdom
About: Our journey started in 2003 and has gathered pace ever since, from providing Personnel for offshore projects to taking on entire cable installation contracts we have always tried to do things differently. Some of our highlights are featured below.


Headquarters: United Kingdom
About: The quick and easy way to the world's oil and gas jobs. OilCareers has the sole objective of facilitating recruitment and providing career related services to the Oil & Gas Industry. We are not an employment agency and have no affiliations to any recruitment agencies or consultancies.

Company: Seatechs
Headquarters: United Kingdom
About: Based in the North East of England, Seatechs supply high calibre contract personnel for offshore oil & gas, telecom and renewable energy projects worldwide (onshore and offshore), covering a wide spectrum of disciplines. Our service is measured both by our ability to match a job requirement quickly, and by the skills and professionalism of the personnel we provide. With over 40 years combined Offshore Industry experience, our team at Seatechs are well versed in making sure everything runs smoothly. We understand that the abilities of skilled personnel can make a significant difference to the success of a project. We offer a flexible human resource solution to facilitate the peaks and troughs in demand for specialist personnel in today's Offshore Industry.

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