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Telecom Wholesale Capacity Suppliers - Below you will find suppliers of wholesale fiber-optic capacity "managed bandwidth" including lit and dark fiber for the submarine cable and terrestrial markets.

Please contact us for your capacity requirements. We have relationships with most managed bandwidth suppliers and can help you find "cost competitive" capacity on a global basis from 10Gbps to an entire fiber pair. Featuring trans-Atlantic capacity  and trans-Pacific capacity.

Telecom / Submarine Cable Wholesale Capacity "Managed Bandwidth" Directory


 Developing the South America Pacific Link (SAPL) Submarine Cable System

Company: CMC Network (Pty) Ltd
Headquarters: South Africa
About: CMC provides global managed MPLS network connectivity specialising in Africa, Asia and Middle East.
Contact: Anton Starling
Phone: +27115178400

Company: Cross River Fiber
Headquarters: USA
About: Your business demands speed. Fiber optic speed that is scalable, redundant, and predictable. This of course, is Dark Fiber speed. Your business requires secure data transmission that a Dark Fiber solution provides. You need bandwidth solutions that give your company definitive access when transporting your data and critical information at the speed of light, and does not get bottlenecked when you need your systems most. Switch your company's telecommunications services to a Dark Fiber Network and have the ultimate control over your data throughput. A Cross River Fiber network will enable your business to receive and deliver necessary information ultimately, and beyond light.

Company: Global Capacity
Headquarters: USA
Contact: Mary Stanhope
Office Phone: 312-673-2400
About: Global Capacity is a telecommunications information and logistics company that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of obtaining and managing access networks globally. Through its One Marketplace Access Exchange, the company connects customers and suppliers in an automated exchange platform that revolutionizes the way access networks are designed, priced, ordered and implemented. With a full suite of network management, monitoring and optimization tools, Global Capacity provides transparent market visibility to ensure companies achieve efficiencies in overall network implementation, resulting in lower operating expenses, improved productivity, and enhanced competitive advantage. Global Capacity delivers its innovative solutions to Purpose-Built Integrators, Global Carriers, Managed Service Providers and Enterprise Customers globally.

Company: Ocean Networks, Inc.
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA (USA)
About: Currently under development is the South America Pacific Link (SAPL) submarine cable system. The carrier neutral SAPL system will connect Points of Presence in Jacksonville (Florida), Balboa (Panama), Oahu (Hawaii) and Valparaiso (Chile). In addition, the system will have furure connectivity to Manta (Ecuador), Lima (Peru), Arica (Chile) and the big island of Hawaii.

Company: Telecom Egypt
Headquarters: Egypt
Contact: International Affairs
Office Phone: +20231316129
About: With more than 150 years of operational history, Telecom Egypt truly sits at the heart of the Egyptian telecommunications market and is the largest provider of fixed line services in the Middle East and Africa with 8 Million fixed line subscribers and more than 30,000 Km of fibers around Egypt and 62% of Broadband market share in Egypt. TE is the partner of choice for 15 submarine cables linking Asia/Africa to Europe. TEâ?Ts international network footprint covers from Asia, East Africa and Europe with more than 60 landing points globally.

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