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Submarine Cable Systems - Below is a link to an interactive Submarine Cable Map that depicts US Domestic and International active subsea cable systems and their landing stations. In addition, below is a list of Proposed / Planned Submarine Cable Systems.


Submarine Cable Map

Interactive Submarine Cable System Map
(Courtesy of TeleGeography)

Click on the above link to view all Global Communication Submarine Cables. You can then select a specific Submarine Cable System for more detailed information.

Below is a list of Proposed / Planned Submarine Cable Systems:

System Name: ACSea
Landing Points: Boca Raton (United States), Seixal (Portugal), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Maldonado (Uruguay), Fotaleza (Brazil)
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 27,000kms
Design Capacity: 400 Gb/s
Fiber Pairs: 4
Owners: Telebras, Odebrecht

System Name: America Movil-1 (AMX-1)
Landing Points: Jacksonville (United States), Miami (United States), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Puerto Barrios (Guatemala), Barranquilla (Colombia), Cartagena (Colombia), Fortaleza (Brazil), Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), Cancun (Mexico)
RFS Date: 2013
Total Length: 17,500kms
Design Capacity: 100 Gb/s
Fiber Pairs: TBD
Owners: America Movil

System Name: Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG)
Landing Points: Chongming (China), Da Nang (Vietnam), Kuantan New Port (Malaysia), Lantau (Hong Kong), Maruyama (Japan), Nanhui District (China), Pusan (South Korea), Shima (Japan), Songkhla (Thailand), Toucheng (Taiwan), Tuas (Singapore)
RFS Date: 2012
Total Length: 10,400kms
Design Capacity: 54.8Tbit/s
Fiber Pairs: TBD
Owners: China Telecom, China Unicom, Chunghwa Telecom International, KT
Website: N/A

System Name: Arctic Fibre
Landing Points: Ninomiya (Japan), Gambell (United States), Nome (United States), Point Hope (United States), Wainwright (United States), Barrow (United States), Prudhoe Bay (United States), Tuktoyakatuk (Canada), Cambridge Bay (Canada), Goja Haven (Canada), Hall Beach (Canada), Cape Dorset (Canada), Milton (Canada), Bude (United Kingdom)
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 18,000kms
Design Capacity: 8 Tbit/s
Fiber Pairs: 4
Owners: Arctic Fibre Inc.

System Name: Australia-Singapore Cable (ASC)
Landing Points: Perth (Australia), Singapore (Singapore)
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 4,800kms
Design Capacity: 6 Tbit/s (40G), 16 Tbit/s (100G)
Owners: Australia-Singapore Cable International Limited
Website: N/A
System Supplier: Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks

System Name: Australia-Singapore Submarine Cable-1 (ASSC-1)
Landing Points: Jakarta (Indonesia), Perth (Australia), Singapore
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 4,700kms
Design Capacity: 6.4 Tbit/s (40G upgradable to 100G)
Fiber Pairs:
Owners: Bevan Slattery
System Supplier:
Huawei Marine Networks

System Name: BLAST
Landing Points: Fogagogo, Tu’tuila (American Samoa), Ofu Harbor, Ofu (American Samoa), Luma, Ta’u (American Samoa), Aunu’u Warf, Aunu’u (American Samoa)
RFS Date: 2015
Total Length: 250kms (Repeaterless)
Design Capacity: TBD
Fiber Pairs:
Owners: American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA)

System Name: BRICS Cable
Landing Points: Miami (US), Fortaleza (Brazil), Cape Town (South Africa), Mauritius (Mauritius), Chennai (India), Singapore (Singapore), Shantou (China), Vladivostok (Russia)
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 34,000Kms
Design Capacity: 12.8 Tb/s
Fiber Pairs: 2
Owners: Imphandze Subtel Services

System Name: Europa
Landing Points: Pentaskhinos (Cyprus), Tripoli (Lebanon)
RFS Year: 2013
Fiber Information: 8 Fiber Pairs
Owners: CYTA, Lebanese ministry of Telecommunications

System Name: FastnetConnect
Landing Points: Cork (Ireland), Lannion (France)
RFS Date: 2014
Owners: Sea Fibre Networks

System Name: Global Nexus
Landing Points: Freeport (Bahamas), Halifax (Canada)
RFS Date: 2013
Fiber Pairs:
Total Length: 2,500kms
Design Capacity: Initial 40Gb/s, Upgradeable to 100Gb/s
Owners: Global Nexus Telecommunications Ltd
System Supplier:
TE SubCom

System Name: Hawaiki
Landing Points: Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), Hawaii (USA), Norfolk Island, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Wallis, Samoa, American Samoa
RFS Date: 2015
Total Length: 10,000
Design Capacity: 8 Tbit/s
Fiber Pairs: 2
Owners: Hawaiki Cable Ltd.

System Name: MONET
Monet is a fiber cable system, which will create a direct line between Brazil and North America, connecting Miami in the United States to Santos in Brazil. It allows a privileged link between Angola and North America, through SACS and Monet. On one hand being connected to SACS, Monet will also provide advantages in terms of costs, on the other hand the cable uses the latest generation technology that will increase the existing capacity in a competitive market.
It’s the submarine cable system that will connect Santos and Fortaleza in Brazil, to Miami in the USA.
Main Investors: Angola Cables, Algar Telecom, Google e Antel
Technological Parter: TE Connectivity SubCom
Cable length: 10.556 Km
Capacity: 60 Tbps – 6 fiber pairs (2 pairs belonging to Angola Cables)

System Name: Pac Fibre 2
Landing Points: Los Angeles (USA), Sydney (Australia), Takapuna (New Zealand), Whenuapai (New Zealand)
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 13,600kms
Design Capacity: 5.12 Tbit/s (40G) Upgradeable to 100G
Fiber Pairs: 2
Owners: Pac Fibre Limited

System Name: Russian Optical Trans-Arctic Cable System (ROTACS)
Landing Points: London (UK), Murmansk (Russia), Anadyr (Russia), Beijing (China), Tokyo (Japan)
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 14,907kms
Design Capacity: 10 Tbit/s per Fiber Pair
Fiber Pairs: 6
Owners: Government of Russia, Polarnet Project Ltd.
TE SubCom

System Name: SACS
The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) is the designation of Angola Cables new submarine cable. This project is expected to implement the first submarine cable system in the South Atlantic, thus creating a direct link between Africa and South America.
It’s the submarine optic fiber cable that will connect Luanda/Angola to Fortaleza/Brazil.
Investor: Angola Cables
Technological Partner: NEC
Cable length: 6.500 Km
Capacity: 40 Tbps / 4 fiber pairs

System Name: SEA-ME-WE 5
Landing Points: Marseille (France), Annaba (Algeria), Palermo (Italy), Bizerte (Tunisia), Alexandria (Egypt), Suez (Egypt), Jedda (Saudi Arabia), Fujairah (UAE), Karachi (Pakistan), Mumbai (India), Chennai (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh), Satun (Thailand), Singapore (Singapore), Malacca (Malacca)
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 16,000kms
Owners: SEA-ME-WE-5 consortium
Website: N/A

System Name: Seabras-1
Landing Points: Miami (USA), Fortaleza (Brazil), Sao Paolo (Brazil)
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 10,700kms
Design Capacity: 32 Tbit/s
Fiber Pairs: 4
Owners: Seaborn Networks
System Supplier: Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks

System Name: South America Pacific Link (SAPL)
Landing Points: Jacksonville (Florida), Balboa (Panama), Valparaiso (Chile)
RFS Date: 2018
Total Length: 8,400kms
Initial Capacity: 15 Tbit/s
Fiber Pairs: Jacksonville - Panama 6 FPs, Panama - Chile 3 Fps
Owners: Ocean Networks

System Suppliers: Alcatel Lucent

System Name: South-East Asia Japan Cable System (SJC)
Landing Points: Chikura (Japan), Lantau (Hong Kong), Nasugbu (Philippines), Shantou (China), Telisai (Brunei), Tuas (Singapore)
RFS Date: 2013
Total Length: 8,900kms
Initial Capacity: 17 Tbit/s
Fiber Pairs: 6
Owners: SJC Consortium
Website: N/A
System Suppliers: TE Subcom & NEC

System Name: Solomon Island to the World
Landing Points: Piti, Madong, Noro, Honiara, Auki
RFS Date: 2014
Total Length: 827kms
Owners: Solomons Oceanic Cable Company (SOCC)
System Supplier: TE Subcom

System Name: Tagare Cable
Landing Points: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Djibouti, Kenya, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malta, Israel, Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Cyprus, Italy, France
RFS Date: 2015
Total Length: 35,000kms
Owners: Neil Tagare, Consortium
Website: N/A

System Name: Vanuatu
Landing Points: Port Vila (Vanuatu), Suva (Fiji)
RFS Date: 2013
Total Length: 1,230kms
Design Capacity: 320 Gb/s
Owners: Interchange Limited
System Supplier: Alcatel-Lucent

System Name: WACS
About: The West Africa Cable System (WACS) is a submarine cable system in which Angola Cables is co-leader along with several african and European telecom operators. This system connects Angola to 10 african and 3 european countries. With this cable, Angola is becoming a major center of connection to the world, attracting potential to the region. With the optimization of existing cables, Angola is becoming more an influential player in international connectivity, both through broadband and voice communications.
It´s the optic fiber submarine cable that travels along the West African coast, linking it to Europe through 14 different countries.
Main Investors: Angola Cables, C&W, Infraco e MTN
Technological Partner: Alcatel-Lucent
Cable length: 14.530 Km
Capacity: 14.5 Tbps * / 4 fiber pairs *after upgrade in 2015


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